Belief Calculator (Public beta)

This is a simple calculation program for multi-agent communication system.

  • Background: please read our paper(soon to be published)
  • Sample of usage: download
  • Platforms: Java7 environment (we have been tested on Windows7 64bit)
  • Included external library: Universal Java Matrix Package 0.2.5 (for calculation of matrices)
  • Required external program: Graphviz 2.38 (for visualization function)
  • License: Modified BSD License (3-clause)
  • Software Developer: Ryo Hatano

How to Get and Run

Online demo can be obtained from here:

Caution! Web start version cannot save graphs and snap shots. Please try offline-archive.

If you can not launch the editor, please try following steps:

  1. Install latest version of JRE from here.
  2. Change the network option of Java to “direct connection” (Control Panel > Java > Network connection)
  3. Change the security option of Java to lowest.

If you don’t prefer above setting, you can download offline-archive from here.
After download and expand the archive, please execute “run.bat” or following command:

cd [directory-to-expanded-archive]
java -classpath dist/cbre.jar;lib/ujmp-complete-0.2.5.jar;lib/InteractiveGraph.jar cbre.gui.BeliefCalculator


Many thanks for my supervisor, Prof.Tojo, assistant Prof.Katsuhiko Sano and all reviewers of our paper. Thanks also for developers of Universal Java Matrix Package, JavaCC and Graphviz.

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